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Related post: Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 20:05:19 +0100 From: Micheal Chukwu 15 years xxx pics Subject: Remember Me Chapter Five Calls From Nowhere Leo's face turned completely white. The phone hit the wood floor with a thud. Ronald thought for a second that Leo 12 year old fuck was going to faint, but what happened was worse. Ron had never seen anyone have a panic attack before. "Leo, what happened?" He reached for free sex 18 years Leo's hand. Leo's fingers were cold, shaking and yet Ron saw sweat popping out on 13 years teen fuck his brow. Leo grabbed his hand away, and pressed both hands to his stomach. "Oh, God. I'm going to be sick." Leo whispered and then covered his mouth with one palm and twisted out of his seat, banging Morris' chair against the office wall. Leo rushed from the room, his eyes wild. Ron chased up the stairs after 14 year naked gay him. He tore open the door of Leo's apartment. One part teen 17 years nudes of him wanted to go back down to the office, find tiny 14year old pussy out who was on 16yearold teens getting fucked the phone and figure out what the hell was going on but no way was pedo illegal 14years he leaving Leo alone. He found Leo leaning over the toilet. "Go away." Leo cried trying to pantyhose 14year sound tough. "Not going anywhere." Ron couldn't see Leo's face. Leo russia fifteen years sex wouldn't look at him. One hand was still on his mouth and he just hunched there, trembling. Ron wanted to go to him and hold him but he knew Leo wouldn't want that. "Who was on the phone?" "Nobody, I don't know." "Then what..." "I'm telling you, I don't know." Leo's head reeled. Had that voice been real? Or his imagination? God, he was freaked out from the two hang ups earlier and maybe he'd just thought he'd heard a voice say those. Words he'd heard in his nightmares. And now he was out of control, in his bathroom, with Ronald Bradshaw. Leo's every nerve ending tingled. Tremors possessed him. He couldn't think straight to save his life. Racing heartbeat. Fear of... dying. The whole range 16years old sexy girls of horror washed over him. It made no sense: it never did. Panic attacks were hell and he hated 14 years pussy girls them. It pissed him off that he couldn't control them. "I'm nude 17years all right." Leo said. Thank God he hadn't vomited. That was one blessing. "Leave me alone." Please. "No, no, you are not okay. I don't know what happened, but I'm not leaving you alone." Ron's voice was so comforting. If Ron took him in his arms right at that moment, he'd lay his head back on his big shoulder and cry. But no way was he going to allow that to happen. He blinked fast a couple of times. Deep breaths. He had to take deep breaths. "I'm really not going to explode or anything." Leo joked. "It's no biggie. Just young 16 years porno a minor meltdown." "Can I do anything? Get you anything?" Leo shook his head. "I think I'm okay now," he said after another minute. "I'm not going to be sick. Yay me." He tried a half laugh. Take that, panic attack. He'd beaten it: for now. Ron helped Leo up. His knees felt like unset Jell-O that. "Come on." Ron led Leo out of the bathroom to the bedroom. 14 years voyeur Leo watched as Ron went into the kitchenette and found where porn 13 years gallery he kept the glasses. Ron filled one up with water. "Drink." Leo took a sip. It was hard swallowing past the lump in his throat. The panic attack always made him feel as if he were choking. "How long have you been experiencing panic attacks?" Ron asked. "A while." Leo set the glass down. His 13 years old blowjob hand barely shook. "It's a little embarrassing. Actually, a lot embarrassing." Ron fucking year 14 sat down beside him. Not close enough to be touching, but almost. Leo avoided Ron's laser gaze by staring at his jean-clad legs. Ron had very long legs. "Thanks for... being here," Leo said. "Just for future reference, hanging out with me when I'm throwing up is above and beyond the call of duty." Leo tried to laugh again, but it came out a little bit like a sob. He bit his lip and swallowed hard over the lump in his throat. Leo was surprised when he felt the warm tips of Ron's fingers touch his chin, drawing his gaze up. "Hey, don't be embarrassed. I'm just worried about you. 16 years teen nude What happened down there?" Ron watched Leo, little 10 year olds a furrow teen porn 16 years creasing his brow. He wasn't touching Leo anymore, but he was still close; way too close. Leo scooted a bit more into the corner of the love seat and shook his head. "Nothing. It's just...one of those stupid attack 13 years porno sexs things. Something gets in my head, and then all of a sudden every time the phone rings, 12year girl jpg I'm out of control. There were a couple of hang-ups earlier, and now the phone is freaking me out." "Hang-ups? Just today, or before?" "Just today. Probably wrong numbers." "Johnny said someone asked for you." Ron pointed out. "Was that one of the hang ups?" "Probably just a disconnection." "What prompts these panic attacks? I don't really know much about panic attacks." Ron seemed truly interested, but Leo felt strange having this discussion. "Anything." He shrugged. "It doesn't have to make sense, so if you are looking for it to fit into some reasonable explanation; it's not going to happen. Panic attacks defy logic." Leo had read sex 14 years pic up on anxiety in the small library at Thunder Key and on the Web. There non-nude 14 yearolds were certain medications that helped alleviate the symptoms in some people, but Leo knew that wasn't the answer to his problem. There was something inside his head, in his memories. Something dark and frightening that came to him in bits and pieces and nightmares. He didn't want to know. "I really can't talk about this." Leo told Ron. "Maybe you need to." Ron pressed gently, his eyes somber. "You must be a sucker for punishment if you want to hear more about my problems." Leo teased, trying to put the conversation on a lighter track. But the sadness remained in Ron's eyes. "I've just figured out that holding something in doesn't make year old pussy it go away, that's all." Ron said. "That's what I tried to do when he died. Hold it all in. I was afraid to 13years old porn deal with it." Ron got up and walked to the window. Pushing back the sheers, he stared out at the sea. "How did he die?" Leo 14year porno asked softly. "You mentioned it was an accident." "Car accident." Ron stood very still. "His car went into a river." His voice was low, pained. "They thought they told me he drowned. I can't even imagine what he must have gone through that night. It had to have been terrifying." Leo didn't think, just stood up and moved toward Ron. Ron looked so alone, silhouetted against the bright day outside. "It was unreal. The search went on for days. His car wasn't found right away." Oh, God, Leo thought. Ron must have been in so much misery. Just the thought of someone being trapped 14 years gay underwater 12-16 years old porno made Leo feel sick again. "I couldn't believe it was true. I was sure they'd find him, alive. I hoped they'd find him alive. I didn't want to give up hope. But then...there was no more hope." "They found his body?" Days. Days of waiting for them to find his love's body, to drag it out of the river. Ron turned and his unwavering gaze met Leo's. He was silent for a terrible moment. "No." Leo's eyes filled. It was killing Ron not to put his arms hardcore 14 years around him and say, `But I've found you now.' There was no way he could do that. "It was the hardest thing I've ever had to accept in my life," he went on. "That he wasn't found. That I wasn't with him. teens nude 16 years That I didn't do something, anything differently." "Ron," Leo whispered. Then his hand was on Ron's, his fingers twining between Ron's. "If you had been with him, you might have died too." Ron had thought of that. Plenty of times. And there had been plenty of times he'd wished he had been in that car, that he had gone over that bridge with Leo. Until he'd come to Thunder Key again. "The hardest thing to live with is regret." Ron said quietly. Leo watched him, his eyes still shiny, wet and hurting. Ron settled for squeezing Leo's hand. "Every day is precious, important, maybe the last one you'll have." He shook his head. "Now I sound like a greeting card or something," he cracked. Leo smiled, which was what he'd been 15 years nude pics hoping he would do. "I think you sound like a smart guy," Leo said. He gave Ron's hand a squeeze now. "Pretty inspiring, actually. Your husband was lucky to have you, whether you know it or not." It was surreal, having this conversation with Leo. It hurt too much to go on with it. There were still too many thing unsaid, but now they were things he had no choice about, despite his impatience. Slow, slow, slow. It was so had to take things slow. The phone rang. Leo startled, his eyes flashing up at Ron, then away. "Do you want me..." "No." Leo crossed the room and picked up the phone. "Morris." He sounded relieved. "Hi. Yes, everything's fine." The conversation went on. Ron watched Leo for a long moment, then looked away, feeling stupidly jealous of the bar owner who could make Leo relax in an instant. Leo finished the call. "Well, while you're feeling inspired," Ron 13 years fuck movie said, turning back to Leo as he walked toward him. "How would you feel about a little walk on the beach? It'd do you good not to hear a phone ringing for a while, and the bar won't get busy again for more than an hour." Ron wanted Leo all to himself. Leo hesitated. Ron added. "You know its National Take a City Boy to the Beach Day, don't you? I'm sure you want to participate." It was something Leo used to do all the 13-16 year porn tits time just make up holidays. Any time Ron didn't 15years teens nude want to do something, Leo would claim it was a national holiday. Leo smiled, a little nervously, but a smile just porn 17 years the same. fisting girls 16 years "Okay. It would be good to get out of the bar for a little while anyway. You are right. I really don't need to hear the phone ring." They walked downstairs, into the heat of the day. The beach outside the Shark and Fin was quiet, the water hypnotically smooth. They took their shoes off at the end of the wooden sidewalk that led off from the bar's outside deck. The sand felt sexgirl 14 years hot and grainy beneath Ron's feet. He wanted teen nudes 13 years to take Leo's hand, but he restrained himself. There were only so many 13 year teen sexy times you could hold a man's hand without looking like you were an item. "So what about people who don't live near the water?" Leo said idly. "What do they do on National Take a City Boy to the Beach Day?" Ron noticed Leo was staring out at the blue sea as they walked, not at him. What was he thinking? He'd give anything to know. "They are just out of luck." Ron said. "Damn, you're lucky." Leo looked at him then, and his eyes sparkled in the bright sun. He laughed. Ron was the lucky one. He had never felt luckier, 15years movies tgp ever. They walked for a while, talking lazily. Nothing personal. There was an abandoned lighthouse nearby, and Leo took him inside. From there they could see over the tree to the rooftop of the town, its crisscrossing streets forming a visual crazy quilt. "This isn't the original lighthouse." Leo told him. "The first one was swept out to the sea by a hurricane. Several people who sheltered inside died." Leo's expression looked serious and he stared out at the sea. "I think about them being trapped." Ron watched him. Leo had been trapped inside his car; in that river. Did he remember anything about it? He had admitted his fear of water. But when he told him about his husband's death in a car accident a drowning he hadn't seemed to feel anything but sympathy. "Sometimes, I dream about being trapped under water." Leo said softly. Ron waited, wondering... But then Leo shook his head. "Let's go." If Leo had any memories, he wasn't sharing them with Ron. They climbed down from the top of 17 years fuck video the lighthouse and walked back toward the Shark and Fin. The afternoon was hot, but a soft breeze played across the sea. "Do you have any kids?" Leo asked suddenly, as if he'd just thought of the possibility. "I was just, you know, wondering about when you move here..." "Nope. No kids. My husband wanted kids. Right away. I said no, of course." "Why of course?" Ron gave him a look. "I mean, besides the fact that you were a bastard. You've established that," Leo said teasingly gently. "I didn't think I'd be a good father," Ron told him. "That's the reason. I told him a bunch of lies about how I wasn't ready yet; I wanted to get more established. I had a whole plan for my life, and kids didn't fit in until I'd accomplished certain goals." "And that wasn't true?" They had stopped near the shore. The water was only a few feet away. Ron took Leo's hand, tugged him down, and they sat on the soft-padded pebbly sand. Ron's jeans were 10 years porno going to be covered in sand, but he didn't care. "Great big pile of garbage," Ron said quietly. "I would love to have kids. He would alicia longyear pregnant be would have been a great dad." "You know, not to be disrespectful or anything, but I'm sure he wasn't perfect," Leo said, his eyes soft. "He was pushy," Ron said. "But that was actually endearing. 13yearsold girl porno fucking He was always trying to get me to do crazy things." "I bet he thought you were endearing too. You are a nice guy, Ronald Bradshaw." Ron liked the way the sun lit up Leo's eyes. He was still holding Leo's hand, and for just a beat, teen nude 14 years it felt real; this closeness. But Leo didn't know him, not really. Leo had blocked him completely from his mind. "Well, you're seeing Ronald Bradshaw Version 2.0," he teen lingerie 16 years pointed out. "This is the advanced model." Ah, that crooked, heart-killing smile of his came out to play then. Would Leo still smile when he knew the whole 14 year girl pedo truth? How could he convince Leo that he had changed when in the process, he was naked 14 years girl still 17 year old teen lying to him, if only by omission? What other choice did he have? The more time 17 years pussi he spent with Leo; the harder it became to hold back the truth and the angrier Leo might be when he finally learned the truth. "So why didn't you think you would be a good dad?" Ron took his hand from Leo's. Sharing his feelings was a new thing and he still struggled with it. Especially with Leo, because he had to be careful with his nude schoolgirl 16 years words. Slowly he drew a line in the moist sand in front of them. The water lapped softly anna 43 years porno at the shore a foot away from where they sat. "I wanted to be a different kind of father than my father was to me. But I don't know how, I guess." he admitted. "My family is...distant: very reserved. Most of us spend almost twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week together at the firm. And yet, I don't know 12 years nude gallery them at all. They're strangers. That's how my family operates. Emotions are to be kept under wraps. We're all business, all the time. My husband wasn't like that." "What was he like? Tell me something about him." Leo's expression was pained and it took hot teens 12 years Ron a second to realize that Leo was hurting for him. "He was carefree. He didn't like making plans. He would just do whatever came to mind. He drove me nuts because I needed plans, schedules for everything." That was the Leo he used to be when fear didn't lurk in the shadows of his 10 years nude green eyes. "I like to pedoworld 15 years old feel ass teen 14 year in control, and he made me feel out of control." teen porn 14 year Leo still made him feel out of control. He still didn't know how to deal with him. Ron wanted to help Leo confront his fear so leaned forward, dipped his finger in the warm water. Sitting back, he took Leo's hand, turned it over and placed the wet tip of his finger inside his palm, then folded his fingers over girls 12 years nude it. Leo's eyes locked on to Ron's and held. He didn't move away. "Feel that?" Ron said quietly. "It's the sea." Leo nodded. Ron forced himself to move his hand away. "Scared?" "No. Yes. I don't know." Ron looked oddly confused now, and he wanted to put his arms around Leo and tell him everything was going to be all right. But he still wasn't sure about that himself. The teen 15 years naked future was a blank slate. "It's time to go back," Leo said. 15 year hardcore pic He stood, brushed the back of his pants, and then stopped, his attention seeming caught by something up the beach. "There's a turtle." Ron turned, following teen 14 year tgp Leo's gaze. "Oh, look, there's something wrong with it." Leo whispered and started running. Ron caught up with him as he knelt down on the wet sand at the sea's edge. Leo's eyes narrowed critically on the hard-shelled reptile limping along the beach in front of him and only when Ron reached him did he see what Leo saw a piece of fishing wire wrapped around a front flipper. Ron looked at Leo, not surprised at all by the sudden anger in his eyes. It was 14 year teenboy free like Leo to feel immediate empathy for any creature. What did surprise him was the tightness banding his chest. Then he realized why. This nudes 12 year girl was his Leo. He'd changed in so many ways, but the familiarity of his reaction to the wounded turtle hit him hard. He knew Leo would want to do something. He would want to save it. That was Leo. "Why is it 15 years teens fuck tagged?" Ron asked, seeing a small red band on one of the turtle's uninjured rear flippers. "It's been to the turtle hospital." Leo reached out, touched the turtle's back, stopping it in its uneven track. "And 16 year cumshot it needs to go back. 14 years old fuck I hope I can pick 14 years fucking video it up." "We will." Ron said determinedly. Leo looked up at Ron, seeming startled as his mouth parted. "You're going to help me?" "Where's the turtle hospital?" "Orchid Key." Leo still looked wary, as if he didn't expect or want Ron's assistance. He searched Ron's face for... What? Ron had no idea. "Let's go." Leo was right, the thing was heavy. Ron spanned his 13 years old gay hands across the back of the turtle, curling around its side. It hobbled backward, flapping its flippers in protest. Ron's arms brushed Leo's as they lifted it. photos girls 16 years Leo jerked back and they almost dropped the turtle. Ron stared at Leo, seeing the brief glimmer of fear in his eyes. God, was Leo still afraid of him? Then the look was gone, hidden behind a mask of concern directed solely at the turtle. It had happened so fast Ron wasn't sure if he had seen it. He only knew he hated it, whatever it was. Ron wanted Leo to trust him. But he was going to have to earn Leo's trust and that was going to take time. He was impatient. He wanted Leo little teen 15 years to trust 14 year nudes him now, and he didn't. They made it 16 years porno girl to Shark and Fin. Leo nodded toward a beat up truck in the parking lot. "That's Morris'. He left me the keys to use it if I need it. Wait here. I'll be right back." He ran nudegirls 14 years old inside, leaving Ron holding the turtle on the pavement. This was, he thought to himself wryly, a typical Leo episode. One minute you are taking a walk on the beach, the next you're on your way to a turtle hospital. Ron didn't realize he was smiling until Leo burst back out of the bar with the keys. He stopped short. "What?" Ron asked in response to Leo's baffled expression. Leo shook his head. porn-14 years old girls "I don't know. You are just... looking at me weird. Smiling at me like..." He didn't seem to know what to say. Avoiding Ron's eyes, Leo bent down to the turtle and cooed gently at it. "Come on, big guy, you are going to be all right." He ran to the truck, opened the passenger side door then returned to help Ron heft the turtle onto the vinyl bench seat. Ron climbed in, and Leo took the driver's seat. The engine coughed then turned over. Leo had sand all over his clothes and Ron schoolgirl 14 year porno realized 12 years russian nude for the first time, so younger 16years sex pix did he. And neither of them had remembered to pick up their shoes. On the way to Orchid Key, Leo kept up a steady stream of chatter as if trying to calm the turtle, and unbelievably, it seemed to be working. Well, for the turtle. Ron wasn't calm at all. He felt as if something was bubbling inside him the whole way, rising, filling his chest and he was afraid to name it because he knew it was hope. He couldn't stop looking at Leo as he drove, captivated by the natural charm and energy. It was like seeing the old Leo again. Ron felt as if he could stare at Leo forever and he was sorry when they got to Orchid Key. "I take it you've been here before." Ron said when Leo turned in at an unmarked gate in a stand of mangroves and the truck slid to a stop on the gravel in front of what looked like a run-down motel. "I found a nest of baby turtles once," Leo told him. "Their mother had probably been hit by a boat or something. She had washed up on a beach near the bar, and she was in a bad shape. I knew about the turtle hospital and I called them. They came out and took the babies. They 14 year pedo tried to save the mother, but there wasn't anything they could do. Wait here." Leo jumped out of the truck, returning moments later with a guy in shorts and a Save-a-Turtle T-shirt. Ron moved out of the way while the guy examined the turtle before asking Ron to help him get it inside. It was, Ron realized once they went in through the small lobby, fucking 14 years girls a motel. "It's run completely by volunteers," Leo explained when they had delivered the turtle to one the clinic rooms. "Come on. I'll show you." Leo talked at a warp speed as they walked, pointing out the holding pools for the turtles naked teens 15 years and the facilities where they received shots, IVs and even surgery. Ron couldn't keep his eyes off him. "Some of the turtles live here full-time because they are too injured to go back into the water." Leo went on, "but 12 year virgins nude whenever they can, they release them... they tag them first. That's how we know this one's been here before." He stopped suddenly. They had walked out back teen xxx 16 years where a onetime motel guest pool had been turned into a saltwater turtle habitat. In the sun, Leo's bright dancing eyes seemed to shadow. "What? You keep..." "What?" "Looking at me!" Leo sounded annoyed. "I just... haven't seen you this excited before." Well, not in a long time, Ron added silently. "I bet you are one of the volunteers." Leo shrugged. "I help young 13 years teenz sometimes." Ron nonnude 14 years old could see Leo closing up, as if he had revealed too much of himself to Ron. "We should get back to the bar," he said teens 13 years fukc suddenly. "I didn't plan on being gone this long." Before they left, one of the volunteers told them they would probably have to 15years old teens porn amputate the wounded turtle's flipper. Leo was quiet on the way back to Thunder key. When they got to the Shark and Fin, Ron went around the bar and got their shoes while Leo teens 12 years hot went inside. "Oh." Johnny said, polishing the counter and looking up at Leo as Ron walked in. "I almost forgot. Someone called for you." "Who?" Leo bent, and slipped on his shoes. "Don't know. He didn't leave his name." Ron didn't like the look that passed through Leo's eyes. He didn't like the fact that Leo had been hung up on twice today, and that Leo had panic attacks. He didn't like that all the excitement that had been in Leo's eyes at the turtle hospital had year end clearance clothes gone. "Anyone else calls, let me take it," he told Johnny. He couldn't stop thinking about Mitch now. Would Mitch call and 12 years teens photos ask for Leo? Just to see if it was really him? I won't tell anyone about Leo if that's really who it is. Leo cut him a frowning glance. Damn, he was as independent as ever. "I'll get the phone, thank you," Leo said. "You don't own the bar yet." "Something going on here I don't know about?" Johnny asked. "He's had a couple hang-ups." "Wrong number, disconnection. It's no big-deal." Leo inserted. Johnny looked at Ron. "Hmm." 16 years girls xxx The cook didn't look convinced. "Shanna called too," he added. "She'll be in this evening. She's feeling better." Ron guessed she must have been the missing waitress from lunch. "Great." Leo headed toward the back. "I'm going to run upstairs for just a sec, and then I'll help you prep for tonight," he said to Johnny. "We do an outdoor buffet on the beer deck," Johnny explained to Ron. "Kind of a help-yourself thing. I grill shark, tuna, whatever we have on hand. It's all you can eat, one set charge." Leo child 12years porno sex was gone now. Johnny's gaze narrowed on Ron. teen nude 17 year "If the phone rings," Johnny said. "I'll get it." Protective. Ron understood how Johnny felt. He was bugged about the calls, too. And more bugged that like Morris, Johnny seemed to have teen years porno the inside track on Leo's trust. Had he made any progress today in getting Leo to trust him? He headed for anal 16 years Morris' office and put in 12 years anal pics a call to 16 years nude gallery Mitch's cell. His brother-in-law picked up. "Did you call here?" "What?" "Did you call here? Did you ask for Leo?" "You told me not to. Of course not." Mitch sounded offended. There was a crash upstairs. Ron's hear froze. He hung up the phone and bolted for the stairs.
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